Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Fire From Heaven?

This weekend while we were asleep, meteor showers were taking place in Alberta, Canada. Is this fire from Heaven?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Slow Fade

“People never crumble in a day – it’s a slow fade.” This is the chorus of Casting Crown’s “Slow Fade” song. The lyrics are just as applicable to a nation as to an individual and unfortunately for America, we have been in a slow fade for some time now.

When “I dream of Jeannie” made its debut on television in September of 1965 it was the most embattled show to come across the airwaves. Television rating organizations had all kinds of problems allowing “Jeannie” to show her belly button. Today, that is laughable. Last night I was forced to turn “King of Queens” because it had 4 curse-words in 2 minutes. That’s just not appropriate for my children. Sorry. Then I found my wife turning “Bones” because of inappropriate sexual content. In fact I found myself encouraging my wife to watch Monday Night Football because it’s the only thing on that doesn’t have cursing, sex, or violence. It has been a slow fade.

I was told by someone I know this week that I view the world in black and white. She told me that there is a lot of gray out there and that it is irresponsible to view rules as being hard-fast. As a lawyer turned financial consultant I know a few things about gray. In law school they taught us that you could take the case if it passed your “straight face test.” This meant that if you could argue your client’s side with a straight face then you could allow them to employ you. There are a lot of shades of gray in law. In the financial realm everything is speculative. Talk about gray. But in God’s word, it is not gray. It is black and white.

I have sinned enough for 10 lifetimes and I still feel my own self-inflicted scars about the things I have done, but it was not God’s word that wavered, it was me. God didn’t suggest the 10 Commandments he commanded them. God is the same today as he was when he made the world and when the world ends, God will still be the same. God doesn’t slow fade even if his people do.

You see God hasn’t changed his stances on divorce, homosexuality, cursing, gambling, etc, etc, etc. We as a culture have changed our stances. We have replaced spanking with grounding, the doctrine of “love the sinner, hate the sin” with “have tolerance on different ideas and cultures.” Do you realize how many times tolerance is in the Bible? Try zero. God is merciful, God is good, but God is not tolerant. God doesn’t say – “well it’s ok this time.” God says – “IT IS WRONG – repent, come to me, and I will forgive you.”

Oh America, why have we been in a slow fade? Oh Christians, why us too? The thing to remember is that God is merciful – let us repent of our sins no matter how great and take this country back for God Almighty! What has been a slow fade can be an instantaneous snap back to reality, back to worship, back to repentance. Let us pray for our country, but let us turn off our televisions when questionable shows are on. Let us, turn off our radios when things counter to the will of God begin to play. Let us live like we are from another world, not of this one. Lest we continue to slow fade to a point of no return.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Regardless: Praise God!

In the wake of the presidential election, no doubt many Christians will be dispirited and upset. Do not be. While I think we should be dissappointed in the outcome, I know that God has an amazing plan for this world and that he was not surprised. I am not sure how God will make lemondade out of this lemon, but I know he will because I have read the Book and WE WIN!

Now at this time in our great history I want to encourage other Christians to PRAISE GOD! Do not sulk. Why would you? We are not defeated, we are VICTORIOUS! I would also encourage Christians to share your faith. I feel the presence of God moving in our land, let us go to people and tell them of the hope we have.

Continue to pray for this country. Pray that God's will be done! Pray that we will be given opportunities to witness and then let us be faithful enough to do it.

Psalm 71:14-15 puts it this way:

14 But as for me, I will always have hope;
I will praise you more and more.

15 My mouth will tell of your righteousness,
of your salvation all day long,
though I know not its measure.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

VICTORY is in the Air!

Do you feel it? It is almost palpable. Never in my adult life have I ever seen or experienced anything quite like it. It is VICTORY! It is guaranteed! And it is coming!

As a Christian who slid as far away from my Lord Jesus as humanly possible, I was awoken by the spirit about 6 weeks ago. It wasn't a mild whisper telling me to repent and come back to Jesus; it was more of kick to the abdomen. It was certainly not something I was going to ignore. I found myself cruising down the road crying like a baby confessing all the sins I had committed since last time I truly walked hand in hand with God and asking him to forgive me, to come back to me, and to restore our fellowship.

What I have seen though is that regardless of where along the lines of time we are, God is working in miraculous ways today. Can you feel it? Have you felt that nudge at your heart recently? Have you felt that attempt to rekindle your spirit? Have you heard people in the grocery store line talking about Jesus? Have you tried mentioning Jesus’ name to a stranger in public – they seem oddly receptive to talking about the Savior.

Here upon the edge of a Presidential election the outcome of which absolutely terrifies me, I find comfort in knowing that God is still in control. I also find great opportunity and responsibility in the coming days. I believe God will want his children to spread the Gospel and I believe that he is already plowing the hearts of many in a miraculous way. I must admit I have never been good at witnessing. I get nervous talking about Jesus to people, but I am going to try.

No matter who wins this election do not feel sad or despaired. Certainly do not feel let down. God is a master weaver and he weaves plans that are amazing to behold. He is still on the throne and if you are saved through Jesus Christ then you are VICTORIOUS! Now let us just humble ourselves as Christians and submit to God and pray that he will somehow use us in some of his miracles.

Stay strong in the faith - In Christ alone!


Never did I think I would see a day when we would have to ask the authors of “Left Behind” whether a candidate for President was the Anti-Christ. Never did I think I would see the day where the authors of “Left Behind” would answer that question “it is unlikely.” But here we are, teetering on the edge of electing a man that many around this country are saying – “nah, he couldn’t be the Anti-Christ” about in an almost reassurance tone. We are on the brink of electing a guy that after being in his pocket for numerous months the media is finally saying about “we know nothing of this guy.” Woe – here we are.

It doesn’t matter to us that his father was Muslim and his mother atheist. It doesn’t matter to us that there is a question about whether he was born in the USA. It doesn’t matter to us that he attends a racist church whose preacher says G.D. American rather than God bless America. It doesn’t matter to us that some of his campaign headquarters have Cuban flags hung from their walls. It doesn’t matter to us that he refuses to salute the flag. It doesn’t matter to us that he has almost no experience. It doesn’t matter to us that he is associated with an unrepentant terrorist in William Ayers. It doesn’t matter to us that he has ties to ACORN which helped get us in the financial mess we are in today. It doesn’t matter to us that he has associations with former Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae high ups. It just doesn’t matter to us. It’s all about CHANGE. Obama himself said it is about the devil we know versus the devil we don’t know yet. That is what I am afraid of.

Christians…..? CHRISTIANS! Where are we CHRISTIANS? We are about to vote into office a man who voted against allowing medical help to babies born alive from unsuccessful abortions. That is an extreme that even the most liberal voters cannot see eye to eye with. CHRISTIANS? Has anyone seen our CHRISTIANS? We are about to elect a man that says he is not a proponent of gay marriage, but thinks it would be a shame to overturn gay marriage in the states that already have it. CHRISTIANS? Where are we CHRISTIANS?

In Hebrews God was very clear….”by faith Moses,” “by faith Abraham,” BY FAITH CHRISTIANS! What are we voting? What are we thinking? How are we living? It is all supposed to be BY FAITH!

Regardless of the outcome of this election there is an absolute truth – God is in control. God is still on the throne. BUT, what does it say about America, about us as Christians if we do not vote BY FAITH, but rather by something else. The Bible does not call us to vote “for wallet,” “for change,” “for popularity,” “for jobs,” “for history!” It calls us to do everything including voting “BY FAITH!”

Please CHRISTIANS vote your FAITH!

Please CHRISTIANS pray God’s will be done in these elections and that his mercy for America be great.

Then believe your prayer will be answered and believe it “By Faith!”