Tuesday, November 4, 2008

VICTORY is in the Air!

Do you feel it? It is almost palpable. Never in my adult life have I ever seen or experienced anything quite like it. It is VICTORY! It is guaranteed! And it is coming!

As a Christian who slid as far away from my Lord Jesus as humanly possible, I was awoken by the spirit about 6 weeks ago. It wasn't a mild whisper telling me to repent and come back to Jesus; it was more of kick to the abdomen. It was certainly not something I was going to ignore. I found myself cruising down the road crying like a baby confessing all the sins I had committed since last time I truly walked hand in hand with God and asking him to forgive me, to come back to me, and to restore our fellowship.

What I have seen though is that regardless of where along the lines of time we are, God is working in miraculous ways today. Can you feel it? Have you felt that nudge at your heart recently? Have you felt that attempt to rekindle your spirit? Have you heard people in the grocery store line talking about Jesus? Have you tried mentioning Jesus’ name to a stranger in public – they seem oddly receptive to talking about the Savior.

Here upon the edge of a Presidential election the outcome of which absolutely terrifies me, I find comfort in knowing that God is still in control. I also find great opportunity and responsibility in the coming days. I believe God will want his children to spread the Gospel and I believe that he is already plowing the hearts of many in a miraculous way. I must admit I have never been good at witnessing. I get nervous talking about Jesus to people, but I am going to try.

No matter who wins this election do not feel sad or despaired. Certainly do not feel let down. God is a master weaver and he weaves plans that are amazing to behold. He is still on the throne and if you are saved through Jesus Christ then you are VICTORIOUS! Now let us just humble ourselves as Christians and submit to God and pray that he will somehow use us in some of his miracles.

Stay strong in the faith - In Christ alone!

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Jason Pedone said...

well said. it all happens for a reason.