Friday, October 24, 2008


At one point I was convinced that Barack Obama was steaming toward a sure thing victory, but I am not convinced of that now at all. What has changed? Polling numbers? No. I have changed.

I wrote you about Governor Palin’s amazing visit from Pastor Mark Arnold in Ohio who told her that she was chosen by God to reign as a modern day Esther. The thing I just now realized is how important that message was.

You see as a Christian God will talk to you on a mano-a-mano, on a one to one basis. He desires that fellowship greatly. A few weeks back he had my Uncle contact me twice in one week with scriptures that were on his heart, which were the same scriptures I was reading that day. My Uncle lives 500 miles from me and could not have known what I was reading. That message was just for me though, and would have been wasted on my mother or a friend…. The message was just for me.

So the question that no one has been asking about the Palin-Esther message is - "of what significance to Sarah Palin was this message and of what significance to Christians?" The message had a powerful effect on Sarah Palin and her husband who both reportedly wept immediately. As a Christian you know that feeling! You know that overwhelming “God moment” where God does a little miracle meant specifically for you and there is no explanation for it and no one else can quite comprehend what it meant to you. It was a mano-a-mano experience.

So why did Sarah Palin burst into tears upon Pastor Arnold’s message? Apparently, Sarah Palin had asked her preacher to give her advice on how to be a leader. He told her to read Esther. She used Esther as her role model. There is probably more to the story than this, but I think it shows us two great things about Governor Palin. First, God had a one-on-one experience with Palin and Palin listened and heard that message and believed (henceforth the crying). Secondly, I think it shows great Christian character that instead of going to her political advisers on how to be a great leader, she went to her Christian advisor and then based on his advice went to the Bible. This is such a brilliant contrast to Barack Obama who has said that you cannot govern based on the teachings in the Bible.

So what does this all mean for Christians in America? It means – DON’T GIVE UP! It means that God has his hand all over this election. Would Esther have been the same if she had failed to become Queen? No, it would have changed the story entirely. Esther was a beautiful jewish girl who won favor with King Xerxes and prevented the slaughter of all the jews. But Esther only gave her people the ability to fight and defend themselves, she was not an automatic victory in and of herself. She gave them the chance to assemble and protect themselves. They did so and were victorious in so doing. SO STAND UP! Let us save this country and fulfill that which has been prophesied to Governor Palin. Do not bury your head, lift it. Vote, encourage friends to vote, spread the news more now than ever. Most of all pray. Pray that God’s will be done! Pray for Sarah Palin and John McCain. Hit your knees at 9:00 EST each night and pray for your country. THIS IS NOT OVER! DON'T GIVE UP!

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