Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Vote Your Faith, Not Your Wallet

I am an American. I am a husband. I am a father. But most of all I am a Christian. As a Christian I am commanded, not encouraged, to put God first in my life. I am also a financial advisor who has watched as the markets squirm and gurgle recently. Even with this said, I am a Christian first. I must vote my faith and not my wallet.

One day I will stand in front of God, and I do not want to have to answer the question "Why did you vote for someone who was the greatest proponent of abortion in the history of the Congress?" My soul trembles at the thought of such a thing. Indeed, Barack Obama has been called the strongest abortion proponent in the history of Congress by National Right to Life. Obama is such a strong supporter of abortion that he even voted down a bill that would allow medical care to be given to babies that were born alive as a result of failed abortions. As a Christian, this seems a lot like murder to me.

As a Christian I also believe that our leaders should most definetly govern by the Bible. I want my leaders to pray and to read the Bible and to be Godly people. Barack Obama has stated that it is impossible to govern by the Bible. He stated that the Sermon on the Mount would result in chaos if it was applied to government. As a Christian, to me such a viewpoint is repulsive.

Finally as a Christian I believe that marriage is between a man and a woman. Barack Obama supports gay civil unions and seems to suggest that they are the first step toward allowing gay marriage some day. He even equates gay marriage to interracial marriage. I am sorry, once again, faith guides me that this is wrong.

When it comes right down to it fellow brothers and sisters in Christ if you can pray and in good faith vote for Senator Obama then by all means do so. If however you are feeling like God is conflicting your soul about such a vote then I would urge you to vote your faith before your wallet.

In conclusion, I would ask that regardless of who you are voting for you pray for our country. Numerous Christians around the country are praying at 9:00 each night a simple prayer that God will have his will be done in our country over the coming months and years and that he will forgive our sins and restore his blessings on us as a country.

Please take time to view the above references and links and pass this message along to other Christians.

Stay in the will of Christ Jesus the Lord,

A friend in Christ

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