Monday, October 6, 2008

When Did I Become the Crazy Guy on the Corner?

We have all seen him, the gray-bearded scruffy looking homeless man that stands on the corner of every mid to large sized city in the United States with a sign that says "Repent! The end is near." We probably thought - crazy homeless guy, it sure is a shame that he isn't in a facility that can help him. But what if, what if, THIS TIME crazy homeless guy is right? What is worse, what if this time crazy homeless guy is you....or me.

When my community organizing diehard Democrat aunt and uncle told me they were forsaking their party and voting for McCain I almost choked. Don't get me wrong, I was excited for their great enlightenment, but a bit shocked too. These are the same people who have lectured me for years about the negatives of the Republican Party and the positives of the Democratic Party. What they said next made me laugh out loud. They said they were voting for McCain because Obama is the Anti-Christ.

After I stopped laughing I thought to myself - "I always knew that the racists were in the Democratic Party." I continued to laugh for the next few months, but the more and more I started to see how NOTHING sticks to Obama, my laughs got a bit quieter and more muffled. Suddenly I started hearing whispers at church and realized, my aunt and uncle were not alone in their beliefs. In fact, it is a belief that is permeating Christian Churches.

A Christian, but a free thinker I decided to look into all this hub-bub. What I found leaves me feeling much more like the crazy guy on the corner than the passer-by that gives him the sideways glance.

Obama claims to be a Christian, but his father was clearly Muslim and his mother was an atheist. His upbringing seems to have equated Islam with Christianity, but also seems to have placed similar emphasis on Greek Mythology. Certainly Obama's relationship with a very controversial Reverend Wright is enough to turn my stomach as a Christian, but many seem to overlook it entirely. So perhaps, Obama is a radical that has no true religious indoctrination, but claims to be Christian to win votes. Would someone do that? Seems plausible.

Surely though no candidate in a racist country could overcome a name that is one letter removed from two of America's greatest Muslim enemies (Hussein and O-S-ama). Add to this the fact that Senator Obama is friends with a former terrorist in William Ayers and a slumlord on Tony Rezko. Senator Obama also has no real experience and his claim to fame may be working with one of the most corrupt community organizations in the world in ACORN. Surely someone will see through this. RIGHT? Well, maybe not. At some point does the crazy man on the corner wonder what it is going to take to make people listen? What exactly drove him to this point? Maybe not having a way to get his message out? Has anyone tried to get a conservative message out today in the liberal media? It is enough to drive one insane.

Let us look deeper into this most taboo of claims. As a Christian I have always abdicated NOT looking into the future. But for end of times prophecies, who can resist. Nostradamus predicted both Napoleon and Hitler, or at least it is very difficult to argue that he did not. He also labelled them as the first two of three Anti-Christs. We know that the time period between Napoleon and Hitler was roughly 120 years. Thinking in a time oriented manner, it is about time for number 3. According to Nosty, someone named Mabus will die and this will be the beginning of the end for Good Ole Mother Earth. Mabus, that name sounds familiar. Oh yeah, Ray Mabus is a close political advisor on middle east foreign affairs to Barack Obama. Spooky.

I will admit that this stuff began sending shivers down my spine a bit, so I decided to call up some friends and relatives and see if they could get me mental help before I ended up actually becoming that crazy homeless guy on the street corner. What happened next shook me to the core. I called, but instead of insisting that I was crazy, they offered comments like "what took you so long to realize this" and "I have been wondering about that myself." What? That was unexpected!!

So as I sit here and pen these words to be read by you the reader and await your criticisms and calls for me to see a shrink, I take some comfort in knowing that if the end is near, at least I am on the right side and that I have seen through the Obama lies and deception.

I must admit it seems a bit surreal. It feels like the Matrix, where I can see, but most do not. I guess if I am wrong then Glory Be. If I am going crazy then Halleleuyah. But if I am right, then I am just one of many that will undoubtedly be ignored as that crazy old homeless guy on the corner with his message of repentence.

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