Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Thank God for Little Miracles

It is a tight week financially for the Common Sense Cat and family. These weeks happen every so often when living paycheck to paycheck. But I have a praise to tell that does not surprise me at all.

My church has been ministering to some local schools in our community and we decided to provide lunch for the teachers there since they do so much for our children. I signed up to bring barbeque from a local hot spot and had said I would spend around $20 or so since others were bringing various dishes as well. The cost of the barbeque ended up being $40 when all was said and done with the sauce and all. The importance of this will only be apparent in a minute.

Today, I went to pick up $200 cash from my wife to deposit into our checking account to cover a $200 check we wrote to our daycare provider. The problem was that my wife had spent some of the $200 and so we decided we would deposit only $180 into our anemic account. My wife counted out the $180 about five times and then I counted it a couple of times as well. Then I went to my bank to deposit the money. The bank is just next door to my wife’s employer, so the money never left my hand. Rather, I just went over and gave it to the teller with my deposit slip for $180. The teller asked what I wanted her to do with the other $20. I said “excuse me?” She said, “you gave me $200” and then proceeded to count the money out. Sure enough, $200. Now these were not new bills and the way it was divided was not just a wad of twenties, but rather 3 fifty dollar bills, a twenty, and a ten. Now somewhere a new twenty had appeared.

I told my wife who said that was impossible. Then I asked – “You think God just paid us back for the rest of that barbeque dear?” Her response told it all “oh wow!” Isn’t God Good!

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