Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Whistlin Past the Graveyard

Barack Hussein Obama is enjoying an ever increasing lead in the polls. This despite the fact that he cannot explain away a relationship with an unrepentant terrorist in William Ayers, a financial relationship with Jim Johnson and Franklin Raines, and a religious affiliation with Reverend Wright. Any of these things alone would have nuked a Republican Candidate's chances of ever stepping foot in the Oval Office. But when viewed in totality they tell a story of a man with a very shady and radical history. Despite that history, Barack Obama is likely going to be elected President.

Now, more news on Obama's other secret. For some reason John McCain has asked the wrong questions about Obama's work as a "community organizer." McCain has asked what a "community organizer" does. He has asked why they are important, but he has not asked WHO Senator Obama was a "community organizer" with. The answer to that question is ACORN, ie, the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now. Why is it that Senator Obama has not mentioned his efforts with ACORN? Because ACORN is largely responsible for the market decline we are in today....and news out of Nevada today that ACORN is committing voter fraud - AGAIN.

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