Monday, September 22, 2008

Obama the Cause of the Crash

As the nasty racist people of the United States of America are on the verge of electing their first ever President of color, new light is being shed on some very dark secrets that the media doesn't want you to know, nor will the politically correct society we live in ever dare allow to come to light.

Days after falling behind Senator McCain and new rockstar Sarah Palin in the national polls, Barack Obama has jetted back ahead with the disastrous news of the economy. Obama is being viewed by the media and apparently the majority of the public as the potential cure for our economic malady. In reality, it was partly him who caused it.

The truth of the matter is that the economic distress that we are having in this country is because Congress meddled in the affairs of private business. Seeing that many minority candidates were getting turned down when they applied for loans, Congress stepped in to apply pressure to banks in efforts to effectuate more loans to persons of need and persons of color. With this emerged the sub-prime loan in all its glory. The government's henchmen in this effort were the public organizations (ah, we finally know what a public organizer does) such as ACORN, of Barack Obama fame. These organizations could essentially stifle the growth of the banks if they did not agree to these questionable mortgages, often made to minorities.

Fast forward to present and watch as many of the mortgages fail. Imagine that. Barack Obama spins it as the fault of the greedy bankers and CEOs. While greed certainly plays a role, it is also a cornerstone of capitalism. It wasn't the greed that played the key role however, it was Congress and its cronies. It was Barack Obama and Acorn. It was political correctness run wild. Bankers being told they had to give loans to minority groups and lower income people caused a meltdown in the economy that timed perfectly with Barack Obama's falling behind in the polls and enabled him to reep the rewards from a disaster he helped create.

So when you are listening to the candidates both taking shots at President Bush and members of Congress who did nothing to prevent this disaster remember that at least they didn't help create it. Only one prominent politician has that dubius distinction and in the greatest irony ever written he may just ride it all the way to the White House.

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