Friday, September 26, 2008

Brilliant Simply Brilliant!

If this comes to fruition, then I get another "told you so." I would gladly forgo that boastful celebratory gesture however because if this happens, I think it wins the election for John McCain. I believe that John McCain and the House Republicans are working on trying to find a way to finance this $700 billion bailout largely or entirely with private money by giving sweetheart deals to investors. If this happens the Democrats will buck it at first forcing John McCain to figure out an alternative way of getting this passed - the court of public opinion. All polling data shows that Americans are overwhelmingly against this bailout because we do not wish to be on the hook for $700 billion in tax revenue. If McCain can boast of changing the bill to rid the people of this taxation bailout I believe he will vault to the Presidency. I also believe that he can attend the debates one way or the other tonight. He will either be able to boast of his accomplishments, or rally support from the public with an anti-taxation solution. IF - IF - IF this is what happens, either scenario is a win win for McCain.

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