Saturday, September 27, 2008

I blew it - because McCain did.

Ok, so I blew it. I thought John McCain had this debate setup for success by being able to play the "Obama was gonna fund the $700 billion bailout with taxpayer dollars and I want to fund it with private money in the form of insurance payment" argument. He didn't. It was a mistake. Watching the debate with my wife last night I was fuming mad that he did not take advantage of what I viewed as a chance to turn the entire election in his favor. He should have described the proposed House Republican package in detail and how it is much more advantageous to taxpayers than the $700 billion bailout that Obama supported. This would have made McCain the advocate for the "common guy." It would have justified his going to Washington in the first place. Instead, he didn't even mention it. I agree with Dick Morris who said that McCain really blew it and needs to be more aggressive and less "honorable." Rudy Giuliani said that McCain didn't want to be seen as making political hay on the Washington trip, but it seems to me when you have a game changer like he would have had with the taxpayer bailout versus private bailout you play that card. Its akin to playing game seven of the World Series and not pitching your top pitcher despite his being well rested. You only get so many chances at this, I hope McCain didn't just blow the election.

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