Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Fire 'em Up Fred

Fred Thompson showed what kind of inspirational orator he can be last night. Unfortunately for many Thompson supporters, it was several months too late. That being said Thompson did a great job drawing on the difference between McCain's service to America and Obama's shame for America. At one point Thompson quipped that "being a POW doesn't qualify you to be President, but it shows "character. He went on to say that we need a President that doesn't apologize for America.


Jason Pedone said...

I thought he was excellent as well-- as my wife put it-- better to have a great story teller like Thompson selling a great story like McCain's than vica versa.

velvethammer said...

Thanks for the link!
Appreciate it.

I was disappointed Thompson dropped too. But the man gave one helluva of speech at the RNC. I love his style.

- Velvet Hammer
Ironic Surrealism II