Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Jewish gathering turns into anti-Obama protest

Last week I informed you that Hillary Clinton had purposely pulled out of an anti-Iran rally being held by several Jewish organizations in New York City due to Sarah Palin having been invited too. Palin for the record accepted the invitation and was set to speak. As I mentioned last week, I think this is Hillary working to undermine Barack Obama in a very subtle way (also know that she still refuses to attack Palin, despite Obama's please for her to do so). When Hillary pulled out, several of the Jewish organizations threatened to pull out if Palin was allowed to participate. This was in large part because Democratic Congressmen put pressure on the rally organizers to have a bipartisan event, even threatening to pull tax exempt status if the organizations participated in a rally attended by Palin. Palin, needless to say, was disinvited and in so doing, the rally drew far fewer people than it would have otherwise. Many of the Jewish people that did show up were furious with Obama, the Democratic Party, and the rally organizers and openly protested Obama in addition to Iran. "Republicans benefitted more than the Democrats did," political consultant Hank Sheinkopf said. "Why? Sarah Palin wanted to be there, but it looks like she was purposely told not to and rejected. It gives her standing, particularly among those people who are thinking about voting Republican anyway."

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