Friday, September 5, 2008

Press misses the true problem with Bush

The press last night kept referring to how McCain's financial policy sounds too much like that of President Bush and therefore is no real change at all. The underlying philosophy of President Bush's financial platform is based in Reagan Economics, ie, less government waste, lower taxes, more independent freedoms. The problem is that Bush has spoken a good fight, but never held true to the doctrine. McCain should clarify this for those too closed minded to understand, mainly, the media. The difference between Bush's financial plan and McCain's financial plan is not in the plan itself, its in the execution.

Personally, I am not sure McCain would cut taxes a great deal, although I do think that decreasing the tax load on businesses would help keep some jobs at home and increase employment(we currently have the second highest tax burden on business in the world). That being said, I have no doubt that he would try to decrease wasteful spending. Decreasing government waste has been a trademark of both McCain and Palin.

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