Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Clinton playing opossum

In an earlier article this week I asked if Hillary Clinton might "underperform" in her stumping for Obama in order to get a quicker shot at President. Is this what she is doing here by refusing to say anything negative about Palin? While I have never held Clinton in high esteem, I have always said she is a scrapper and I do appreciate that quality in a politician. She can sling mud with the best of them, so why no mud here? The way I see it, there are two plausible reasons for the lack of attack. The first is that Obama's campaign is keeping her on a tight leash and doesn't wish to continue to attack Palin. Given that Obama himself is continuing to attack Palin, I doubt this is the correct reason. The other more plausible explanation is that Hillary Clinton is not going all out for a candidate that she doesn't fully endorse. Hillary realizes that her best shot at the Oval Office is for McCain and Palin to win and do poorly in office which would set up a Clinton/Palin matchup in the next election. What do you think? Hillary playing opossum

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