Monday, September 22, 2008

Many people have no idea what their political party stands for

As I chat with people on a day to day basis I realize that many people that describe themselves as Republican or Democrat have no idea what seperates the two parties ideologically. Some of the people I think should be Republicans vote religiously Democrat and visu-versa as a result often of having been raised that way and never questioning or reserching the issues. So what are the key differences between the two parties?


Republicans are largely pro-life while Democrats are pro-choice. This has created the idea that the Democratic Party is the Party for women's rights and the Republican Party is the Party of religious rights. Truth be known, of all federal elected officials the majority of Republicans are pro-life and the majority of Democrats are pro-choice. So maybe there is something to it.

Republicans tend to be in favor of prayer in school. Democrats tend to be against anything that allows one religion to be placed above another in a public setting.

Democrats tend to be big on social welfare. In fact, under Democratic Presidents, social welfare programs usually receive more funding and military programs less funding. Republicans tend to conversely believe in less social welfare and more national security spending. Republicans also tend to believe in less taxation and more individual financial freedom.

National Security

Under Republican Presidents, the spending on national security usually increases. The Republicans tend to take a more "walk softly carry a big stick" outlook on global affairs. Under Democratic Presidents, the spending on national security usually decreases to allow for more spending on social welfare. Democrats believe in diplomacy and tend to favor multi-national coalitions for security purposes moreso than do Republicans.


Democrats often believe in using taxes to help fund their social welfare programs. Democrats tend to put greater taxes on higher income persons while decreasing taxes for lower income persons. Republicans believe in lower taxes. Republicans believe that taxing higher income persons is a misnomer as many small and mid-size businesses file as individuals and thusly Republicans believe that higher taxes on the wealthy causes constriction in the job market. When they do favor increasing taxes, Republicans tend to favor increasing them across the board.


Democrats believe in socialized medicine. They tend to believe that medical care is too expensive for many Americans and therefore socialized government sponsored medicine may be the answer. Republicans believe in private medicine. They believe that socializing medicine would decrease its quality by removing competition and choice from the equation.


Democrats tend to believe in strong defense of the environment. Also Democrats have tended to be animal rights supporters with such groups as PETA among its ranks. Republicans tend to be less conservationally minded looking at financial impacts and weighing them versus environmental preservation. Hunters and gamesmen tend to fall into the Republican Party as the NRA is among its ranks.

* Due to the social welfare stance of Democrats, African Americans have tended to be a mainstay.
* Due to the abortion, religious Americans often tend to favor the Republican Party.
* The Democratic Party is the largest Party in the United States. The Republican Party is the second largest.

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