Monday, September 8, 2008

Oprah - dance with who brung ya

Oprah Winfrey's refusal to invite Vice President nominee Sarah Palin to her show is certainly putting bees in a lot of female bonnets nationwide. Winfrey is a Barack Obama backer that has chosen race over sex. While there is nothing wrong with this decision, her decision not to allow Sarah Palin to be on her show is going to further hurt her ratings which were already dropping because she chose Obama over Hillary. The problem is that Oprah has made her hay by pitching to women that they can aspire to do great things. Now that Palin has done incredible things, Oprah's refusal to allow the history making VP candidate on her show flies in the face of her own doctrine. Oprah's decision is getting hammered on her own website and she is getting grilled over this decision in the media. Oprah should reach back and pull on some of her Tennessee "up-bringing" because surely she was told, as I was, that - you dance with who brung ya.

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JillyBean said...

I love Oprah just as much as any other youngish-middled-aged white woman, but this really doesn't bother me. I don't think that political candidates, especially President and VP candidates, should go on talk shows. It's really bothered me over the years that candidates have popped up on Letterman, Leno and even Jon Stewart during the campaign season. They should hold themselves up to a higher standard than Britney and Paris.

Sarah's better off without her. I would hope that even if Oprah offered her a slot on the show that she would turn it down.