Friday, September 5, 2008

Ralphie's Pink Bunnie PJs.

One of my favorite parts of "Christmas Story" is the scene where Ralphie puts on the pink bunny costume his aunt made for him. After his dad lets him off the hook from having to wear it, and refers to him as looking like a deranged Easter Bunny, his mom chimes in that Ralphie only has to wear the costume on Easter or when his aunt is in town.

Well Hillary Clinton, here comes Peter Cottontail, so put on your PJs. In one of the most bizarre turn of events I can recall in politics, the same Hillary Clinton who said that Barack Obama is less qualified to be President than either her or McCain and who bitterly fought down to the wire against Obama and his starstruck, and often sexist media machine - that Hillary - same one - she is being dispatched to battleground states to try to woo back her voters to Obama's ticket. This is paramount to the Packers trading for Favre just before a playoff push or Hillary naming Monica Lewinsky as her running mate for 2012. This is going to be terribly awkward to watch folks. Does anyone sincerely believe that she wants to be doing this? I wish someone would tell her to run upstairs and stop this "I support Obama" charade. The whole thing is coming off as an embarassing "pink nightmare."

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