Friday, September 5, 2008

Obama sends women senators to decrease Palin's power

Obama is sending out a host of women senators to battleground states in the wake of Sarah Palin's rise to stardom on Wednesday. Obama wants to show how important women are to the Democrat Party. More specifically he wants to try to keep Hillary Democrats from defecting to Palin's Party. Couldn't he have avoided this headache all together by having Hillary as his VP? Instead, the advocate for change picked one of the crustiest Washington insiders on his side of the aisle. Surely he wasn't just talking change to say what he thought the American's wanted to hear.

Here is to hoping that the Democrats send Nancy Pelosi to small towns in Pennsylvania and Ohio. So Harry Reid really wants to see "shrill?" I am sure lots of people with good "down home, small city values" would love to have Nancy Pelosi in their town about as much as they would like to see Hurricane Ike pay a courtesy call.

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