Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The United States is Becoming Communistic

As a Tennessean I was extremely excited that the Presidential debates would be coming to the bright red state of Tennessee. I was even more excited at the thought that finally some "REAL" people would get to ask questions of the candidates. This time the Obama-backing media would have a counterbalance. Indeed, this time, this time John McCain would have a homecourt advantage so to speak. John McCain would be in the state that supports him most. Whats more, the McCain friendly crowd would get to ask some questions. I told my wife to arrange for someone to watch my beautiful baby twins because we are going to Nashville. I got the checkbook out, ready to pay whatever it took to be in attendance. I anxiously dialed the number to Belmont University in Nashville, only to be informed that the GALLUP ORGANIZATION controlled all tickets and would be distributing them as they saw fit. It was then that this dawned on me, I have been so worried that Barack Obama would bring communism or socialism to the United States, in reality, in this election year - the media already has.

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doctorfixit said...

George Bush is officially our first communist president. Even the execrable Jimmy Carter did not nationalize such huge chunks of private property. However, now that we can acknowledge the fact of our capitulation to the marxists, we no longer owe any allegiance to this illegitimate government, and we can with justification take steps to bring down this oppressor in order to regain our freedom and to restore the Constitution, or something very much like it, because it may not be possible or desirable to pretend that the original Constitution still applies. It has been so tainted by the double-speak of the liberal fascists that it cannot be made whole again. The new Constitution must have extremely strong provisions against the government and anyone who wishes to use the government to promote their personal ideology. For one thing, there should be no Supreme Court. Strict term limits for representatives. Restrictions on voting such that anyone who pays no tax should not vote. A differential tax system that collects taxes only from those who support programs. Now is the time to establish a European-American Homeland on the North American Continent with a new Constitution that recognizes and protects the rights of all European-Americans.