Thursday, September 4, 2008

What do they teach in schools these days?

As I have watched the debates about the lack of experience that Obama and Palin have, I have become painfully aware that one key distinction is not being made. There is a difference between executive and legislative in this country.The legislative branch makes the laws. The executive branch executes them. While no one can deny that McCain and Biden have a lot of experience in Congress (the legislature) they have no experience as an executive officer. In fact the only person of the four President and Vice President candidates that has any executive experience is Palin. She has been an executive officer when she served as mayor and as governor. So whats the difference? Well in the legislature you are part of a large group that votes on an issue. As an executive the buck often stops with you and you alone. The President is an executive officer. If we were hiring a President the only one of the bunch we would even accept a resume from would be Palin.

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Hmmm...makes you stop and think.