Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Falacy of the "he voted with Bush 90 % of the time"

As the rhetoric has amped up in the most recent Presidential race the most common Democratic talking point has been to repeatedly try and link Senator McCain to George Bush by saying that he has voted with Bush on 90 % of his votes. The problem with this argument is that it fails to consider that a vast majority of these votes are ones in which there is little disagreement among voters. Let me explain, if you have a resolution for example honoring someone or a "slam dunk" bill that most everyone will support, it skews the numbers. In reality McCain has been one of the biggest, well, MAVERICKS in Congress. He has had years as in this one where he has voted party lines consistently - 95 % of the time this year. He has had other years (2005) where he was very like and did not vote party lines at all that much 77 %. In contrast Obama has voted along his party lines even more this year 96 %. So Obama's contention that he can reach across the aisle looks doubtful. In fact what McCain's voting record shows is a man who votes his conscience and does what he thinks should be done, not what his party thinks should be done. It shows a MAVERICK - not a crony as the Democratic Party is trying to portray him.

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