Friday, September 5, 2008

McCain has a history of bipartisanship

I constantly come across people who tell me that we would be better off if the Republicans and Democrats would put away their differences and try to work together. Perhaps no candidate could have boasted a better track record on this than John McCain. McCain has crossed party lines to work on campaign reform legislation with Democrat Russ Feingold. He has sponsored bills with Democrats John Kerry and Ed Kennedy. The fact of the matter is that if a voter is looking for an absolute change then Obama is a 360. If the voter is looking for a change without it being a 360 on all issues then McCain is probably the man. McCain is not George Bush, he is his own man and tends to vote on his convictions more than his party. In the past this has left him as an outcast to his own party as he tends to be more liberal than the base. As McCain positions himself for the stretch run he positions himself as an agent for change. That sounds familiar. Obama has positioned himself the same way. The question will be how much change do people want. Its one thing for a New York Yankee fan to switch colors and be a Mets fan for the playoffs, quite another for them to be a Red Sox fan.

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