Friday, September 12, 2008

Mana-o-mano: Tennessee vs. California

When the Tennessee Vols made the long trek to Los Angeles to battle the U.C.L.A. Bruins in football a few weeks back, little did they know that it would be a match up of two of the most diametrically opposed states in the country. California with its massive 55 electoral votes is firmly in the Barack Obama camp. Entering the weekend Obama held a 12 point edge in the behemoth of the electoral college. Tennessee on the other hand has a rather modest 11 electoral votes, but they know a thing or two about winning having voted with the winner of the Presidential Election a whopping 11 consecutive times. This year Tennessee is by far John McCain's strongest supporter with a substantial 24 point lead in the polls. But it's not just the difference between liberal and conservative that differentiates these two states.

California has the San Andreas Fault. Tennessee has the New Madrid Fault.

California has Hollywood endings. Tennessee has mountain values.

California has John Wooden. Tennessee has Pat Summitt.

California has wine and cheese. Tennessee has Jack Daniels and moonpies.

California has rap music. Tennessee has country music. (no offense Elvis)

California has traffic jams. Tennessee has homemade jams.

California has Hollywood. Tennessee has Dollywood.

California has movies stars and glitz. Tennessee has mason jars and grits.

No matter how you cut it these two states are as different as night and day. And this year they will be on opposite sides of the electoral college tallies. California will be looking to lend its huge electoral vote to a winner. Tennessee will be looking to continue its winning tradition. Round one went to California as the Bruins bested the Vols. Tennessee will be hoping round two goes the other way even though many die hard orangebloods may be willing to trade a victory in round two for a win in round one.

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